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Will POPIA Kill Your Direct Marketing Leads? Not With Us!

The adage of “the customer is king” has never been more apt than in the case of South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPIA), which will be enforced as of July 2021 – with harsh penalties for those businesses failing to comply. This new Act will make almost all forms of unsolicited direct marketing especially difficult for those companies, who fail to meet its strict standards by the end of the grace period introduced last year. And the penalties are steep!

However, despite the frightening implications of this legislation, you may be surprised to discover (or rather, rediscover) the very human component to your business: the customer. So, how do you ensure the royal treatment for your customers’ data without risking the bottom line? And how can you possibly win over new customers with so many restrictions on the usage of their personal information?

Are You POPIA-Ready?

While this new Act means more work for South African businesses, it should theoretically also mean more peace of mind for your customers, who trust you to treat their information according to their wishes.

Unless, that is, you find your team has fallen behind on the preparation.

Have you assigned an information officer to oversee the implementation and perfect the operation of your company’s data management procedures?

Has your IT department developed or installed appropriate firewalls and other digital security measures?

Have you communicated the finer details of your POPIA strategy with your company and your marketing department in particular?

There are, of course, several other very important elements that must be in place before your company would be considered POPIA-compliant. However, if you answered “no” to any of the above questions, don’t expect your business to get any good optics for it.

A New Approach To Data Protection In Digital Marketing

Rather than approaching POPIA as yet more red tape to deal with, consider its implementation as an opportunity to highlight your company’s integrity and noble duty in protecting the personal information of your customers. The greatest investment you could make in your business would be anything that fosters a closer relationship with your client base. Your promise of sincere dedication to your customers’ right to privacy is what builds up that trust that wins over new customers and keep existing customers.

However, if your company doesn’t have the means and processes in place to meet the explicit demands of the POPI Act, you may be putting that trust (and ultimately those relationships) at risk.

Thankfully, there is a way to protect that precious relationship with your customers and clients.

3 Way Marketing has spent the last few years building the infrastructure, procedures and fail-safes that protect the personal information of our clients and your potential customers. POPI Act or no, our aim is – and always has been – to make privacy our priority as we strive to meet our clients’ expectations in procuring leads and processing it in a safe and secure environment.  When transferring these leads to our clients, we adhere to the strictest data transfer protocols, to ensure that you have full peace of mind, knowing that any leads processed within a  3 Way Marketing environment are consistently done in line with POPIA requirements.

While the POPI Act strictly regulates unsolicited direct marketing, making it much harder for brands to connect with new customers, we are confident that we can meet its challenges head-on. Our goal to connect our clients with their target markets and help grow their respective businesses remains unchanged.

Now, let’s talk leads!

Apart from our ever-growing database of POPIA-compliant prospective opt-in leads, we are one of very few digital marketing agencies in South Africa that operates on a low-risk (some might say no-risk even), performance-based marketing approach. Our leads are put through a rigorous quality assessment process to ensure you end up with a happy customer as well as a clear conscience on the handling of their personal data. We help to connect you with your buyers in the early stages of the sales cycle and get you more prospects that convert into paying customers, and we fund 100% of the marketing in the process.

Combine this with our steadfast dedication to ethical data management and privacy, and you can look forward to winning over new customers and keeping them for the long haul.

Build Your Client Base Today – The POPIA Way!

As the market leader in lead generation, 3 Way Marketing has been building its opt-in base in preparation for the POPI Act over the last 4 years and we anticipate stellar results once the Act is in place.

Chat with us about how you can grow your customer base without going astray of the new Protection of Personal Information Act.

Whether you’re looking for warmed-up leads, data management training for your own call centre, or just looking for a digital marketing agency to do the heavy lifting for your team, we’ve got you covered!